Welcome to the Stone Academy Website

As a magnet school, Stone Academy is committed to increasing student outcomes in all aspects of literacy and increasing student motivation in school through:

  • Integrating technology throughout the curriculum - multi-media center, computers in classrooms;
  • Enhancing the total school curriculum with programs of computer technology, science, art, music, physical education and health and RTI supports in an effort to address students at all grade levels;
  • Upgrading the mathematics component of the curriculum by focusing in on problem solving strategies;
  • A literature-based approach to reading from kindergarten through eighth grade, with a whole school and classroom libraries;
  • Integrating the student’s cultural background into the school curriculum.

Stone Academy was approved as a magnet school in 1982 under the Student Desegregation Plan for the Chicago Public School. Enrollment of students is through a lottery process.

Located in the culturally diverse West Rogers Park community, there are approximately 620 students enrolled at Stone Academy, with a diverse racial/ethnic composition.

Stone has been recognized as a Level 1+ by Chicago Public Schools for the last several years. Stone Academy offers full-day kindergarten, algebra, art, music, science lab, and Spanish World Language. Stone Academy Principal, Mr. Jay Brandon, Local School Council members (LSC) and staff share leadership. Collaboration, respect, affection and responsibility underlie the way things work at Stone. The staff is dedicated and capable, the parents are caring, and the students are amazing…talented, creative, energetic and receptive to learning.

For more current information on our exciting community of learners, including demographics, take a look at our school's report card.



In collaboration with students, parents, and our diverse community, Stone Scholastic Academy provides a safe environment that promotes academic excellence, creativity and independence, to meet the unique learning needs of all students through:

  • Fine Arts
  • Technology
  • Research-based instructional strategies
  • Spanish World Language



Stone Scholastic Academy's mission is to create a community of lifelong learners, reflective and empathetic people prepared to make contributions to a global society in the 21st century.