Busing Applications

The board of education provides bus transportation to qualified students living more than one and a half miles and less than six miles from school.  A computer system establishes the bus routes, not our school. Please be sure to fill out the appropriate bus forms if your child qualifies for service. Specific conduct for riding the bus is outlined in the CPS Student Code of Conduct. All transported students are expected to follow these guidelines.  The principal has the authority to remove a student from bus transportation for repeated infractions.  The parent/guardian then becomes responsible for providing private transportation. 

Bused students should ride the bus daily.  For safety concerns, in the event a bused student does not ride the bus on a given day, a note signed by the parent/guardian must be given to the office in the morning (verbal communication will not be honored).


Driving Drop Off/ Pick Up Procedures

Good Morning!

Drop-off in the morning begins at 7:30. a.m. There is no parking on Leavitt, but you may pull over to the side of the street to drop off your children in front of the school (“Kiss-n-Go”). Please be careful of the several blocks around Stone that require permits to park. 

In the mornings at Stone, the bus is met by a bus coordinator and the children are taken as a group to the playground, which is staffed after 7:30 a.m.  Children who arrive via bus earlier are taken to the gym, and then brought outside when the playground’s aides and monitors come on duty. Please remember, doors do not open to children and families until 7:30 (exceptions being any morning clubs or scheduled appointments), and playgrounds are not monitored until then. We understand that parking is difficult, but we thank you for keeping children’s safety in the forefront.

Young children stay in play areas with a climbing/play structure on the playground.  The area is well patrolled by teachers and aides.  Older students are on the outside of those sections. 

Breakfast is offered to all students in the classroom in the morning.  It is free, and the children have approximately ten minutes to eat.  Of course, it is not mandatory, and you can tell your child what you would like him or her to do. 


Bused students exit through the gym.  Non-bused K-4th grade students exit through the south door leading out to the playground. Older children exit through the door next to the gym.  Children in Aftercare are walked to their designated Aftercare area.  Kindergarten classes wait at the bottom of the ramp and parents/caregivers shold walk up to the ramp and pick up their children in person. 


For more information

For more information, including the Chicago Park District’s "Park Kids” after school programs for bused children, sibling transportation information and safety tips for riding the bus, please visit: