Stone Academy Jog-a-thon - 2019

Students Running

The 10th Annual Jog-A-Thon has come and gone. The pledges are in and totaled and we raised more than $30,200 for Stone Academy.

A giant thank you goes out to each Stone family that sponsored the
t-shirt, volunteered for the event, or raised and donated money this year. Big or small, each dollar made a difference in raising money for Friends of Stone Academy and the school!

Funds Raised By Grade

(as of 5/24/19 at 3:00PM)

  • 1st Place win invitations to a pool party at the YMCA
  • 2nd place is a movie party at school
  • 3rd place is a coupon for a Free Frosty for a year from Wendy's
Rank Classroom Amount Raised Avg Per Class*
1 Kindergarten $4,967 $1,656
2 5th grade $3,282 $1,641
3 1st grade $3,083 $1,542
4 3rd grade $2,657 $1,328
5 2nd grade $3,752 $1,251
6 8th grade $1,785 $893
7 7th grade $1,708 $854
8 4th grade $1,699 $850
9 6th grade $1,590 $795

* Average per class is taken to keep things fair between grades with 3 classes and those with 2 classes.

The following classes raised over $1,500 and earned the uniform free week May 27-31:
208 - Westfall
112 - Zemenides
103 - Bucasas
111 - McMaster
207 - Powers
212 - Gant

The movie gift cards will go to the 9 top earners and all 9 of the winners raised $495 or more! Together they brought in over $5,500 or close to 1/5 of the total earnings.

We have over 264 students donate money and 183 donated over $50 to earn the ice cream party and extra recess.

Check out the full results on the DoJiggy site at

A giant thank you to the 2019 Jog-a-thon committee: Beth Iska, Susan Maguire and Briana Wells and all our many volunteers. We couldn't have done it without you.

Thanks again
Virginia Falkner & Aimee Flaks
2019 Jog-a-thon Co-Chairs






A Big Thank You
to Our Sponsors

High Ridge YMCA
Leave It To Us Events
PJH & Associates
Amy & Aimee Care for Cats
Barbus Law
Cary's Lounge

Esau Orduņo Realtor

Francesca's Bryn Mawr
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