Stone Academy Jog-a-thon Jog-at-home - May 17-21, 2021

Students Running

Jog-a-Thon 2021 won't be normal … but it's still an important fundraiser for the Stone Scholastic community, paying for technology and materials to support remote learning. Here's what to do next to get ready!  

Step 1: Set Up Your Fundraising Page in DoJiggy

All fundraising for Jog-a-Thon 2021 will go through the website DoJiggy. This site platform makes it easy for you to create an individual page for your student that they can use to ask for donations from family and friends. Donations made through the site go automatically to FOSA.

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How will Jog-a-Thon 2021 work?

Instead of jogging around Stone, all together, on one day, kids will be able to choose from a list of activities they want to do (like jogging, push-ups or jumping jacks). Your family and friends make pledges based on the number of reps, laps or minutes of activity your child will complete between May 17–28. (For example, the pledge amount could be $5 per mile, $0.10 per push-up, or $0.01 per jumping jack.) Or, if they prefer, your friends and family can make a flat donation — not dependent on activity — in your child's name through your DoJiggy page.


Step 2: Consider a Family or Business Sponsorship

Family sponsorships are a great way to make a big splash in Jog-a-Thon. For a donation of $100 or more, you can add your family's name to the back of the official Jog-a-Thon T-shirt that every Stone Eagle student receives. If you want to become a Family Sponsor, visit our DoJiggy page.

If your business is interested in becoming an official sponsor of Jog-a-Thon, contact


t shirt design

Step 3: See the Winning T-Shirt Design

This year's winning design is by 7th grader Sally Vega. Congratulations Sally! All students will again be getting a Jog-a-thon t-shirt.  


Step 4: Check Back Later for Pledge Prizes

Students who raise at least $10 will receive a brand-new, limited edition item of Stone swag. Details coming soon!