Friend of Stone Academy (FOSA)

Friends of Stone Academy (FOSA) is a not-for-profit organization that raises funds to support Stone Scholastic Academy and is made up of parents and representatives from Stone’s faculty, administration, LSC, and PTA. We meet regularly to discuss and implement fund-raising initiatives that help cover the costs of a variety of  supplemental academic, athletic and art programs. These initiatives are tailored to the needs and requirements of the studentsfaculty, the administration, the LSC and the PTA.

Our goal is to assist the administration in creating additional opportunities for our students and to provide resources they can use to prepare themselves for high school, college, and beyond. We also provide funding for physical plant improvements and professional development opportunities for faculty and staff all of which will help keep our school among the top ranked Chicago Public Schools.

The Friends of Stone Academy established its non-profit status in 2011.  Our continuing focus includes:

  • strengthening our Annual Fund effort
  • exploring grants to fund activities that Stone would be otherwise unable to offer
  • providing fundraising activities that have minimal impact on classrooms while generating the significant funds
  • reaching out to the businesses in the community to establish partnerships that will help support the school

Additionally, with the help of a group of parents with grant-writing experience, we will establish three or four funding priorities to submit to foundations.

We believe that our school will succeed best if it is a community center, bringing together families from diverse cultures in support of the same goal—providing the best education possible to our children.

The Friends of Stone Academy relies completely on parent and community involvement. We welcome help and input from everyone and invite you to be part of our efforts. We welcome new participants and ideas, so please join us to learn what we are up to, and to share your thoughts.

FOSA was incorporated in 2008 by a group of Stone parents and administrators.  Friends of Stone Academy has 501(c)(3) status, so donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.


Mission and Purpose

The Mission of Friends of Stone Academy is to raise additional funds to support the mission and vision of Stone Scholastic Academy as set forth in the Continuous Improvement Work Plan (CIWP).


FOSA Officers

Name Title Email

Arjumund Orellana


Aimee Flaks


Jennifer Bauer

Lori Switzer Past President
Virginia Falkner Treasurer
Nancy Bieschke Secretary



FOSA Committee Chairs

Committee Name Email
Annual Fund

Arjumund Orellana

Silent Auction Neil Johnston
Raven Theater Event Andrea Tzuca
  Sonia Patterson
Jog-a-thon Virginia Falkner
  Aimee Flaks
Grants Beth Versten
Gift Cards for Kids Bernadette Moncher

Restaurant Events Neil Johnston