Friend of Stone Academy (FOSA)

Friends of Stone Academy (FOSA) is a not-for-profit organization that raises funds to support Stone Scholastic Academy and is made up of parents and representatives from Stone’s faculty, administration, LSC, and PTA. We meet regularly to discuss and implement fund-raising initiatives that help cover the costs of a variety of  supplemental academic, athletic and art programs. These initiatives are tailored to the needs and requirements of the studentsfaculty, the administration, the LSC and the PTA. Our 2018-2019 fundraising goal is $100,000 in honor of our 10th anniversary.

Why donate? For the kids of course!
Our commitment and high standards have kept Stone Scholastic Academy recognized as a Level 1+ by Chicago Public Schools for the last several years. The excellent arts and enrichment programs at Stone go well beyond the reaches of Illinois State funding. Your generous gift, to any of our annual fundraisers, provides the financial support needed to continue our excellent art residencies at each grade level, and help cover the costs of supplemental art, academic and athletic programs. All funds raised ensure that these programs are offered to all students at no cost to them. These programs promote literacy, cultural awareness, and contribute to the educational, physical, and emotional development of our children.

With your help, last year FOSA is hoping to raise $100,000 from all our fundraisers, which kept these incredible programs alive for our children. Just to name a few, FOSA fundraising supports:

  • Ballet, African and Spanish dance
  • Raven Theater artists-in-residence program
  • Blues in the school
  • Ballroom Dance with May I Have This Dance?
  • World Weavers Project with the Minasian Rug Company & Urban Gateways
  • MeMA Music - Arts-Integrated Social Studies Enrichment Program
  • Library Books
  • Sports teams
  • Music, Art and Fitness supplies

And lots more...

FOSA’s commitment doesn’t stop there. For 2018 and beyond our goals are:

  • Supporting after school programs
  • Contributing to our technology plan with new equipment and support
  • Curriculum support, school enhancement, and much more

We believe that our school will succeed best if it is a community center, bringing together families from diverse cultures in support of the same goal—providing the best education possible to our children.

The Friends of Stone Academy relies completely on parent and community involvement. We welcome help and input from everyone and invite you to be part of our efforts. We welcome new participants and ideas, so please join us to learn what we are up to, and to share your thoughts.

FOSA was incorporated in 2008 by a group of Stone parents and administrators.  Friends of Stone Academy has 501(c)(3) status, so donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

Mission and Purpose

The Mission of Friends of Stone Academy is to raise additional funds to support the mission and vision of Stone Scholastic Academy.


FOSA Officers

Name Title Email

Aimee Flaks




Arjumund Orellana

Past President
Heather Barbus Vice President
Virginia Falkner Treasurer
Shelby Burton Secretary



FOSA Committee Chairs

Committee Name Email
Annual Fund

Brianna Wells

  Arjumund Orellana
Silent Auction Neil Johnston
  Jason Driver
Raven Theater Event Heather Barbus
  Neil Johnston
  Colleen Ostrander
Jog-a-thon Virginia Falkner
  Aimee Flaks
Grants Angela Forfia
  Suzanne Budak
Gift Cards for Kids Teju Adesida

Restaurant Events Neil Johnston