FOSA Sponsored Programs

Below are examples of past programs that were partially or completely funded by FOSA.

Grade Level Programs

  • Kindergarten— Ballet with Urban Gateways
  • 1st Grade— continuing Ballet with Urban Gateways
  • 2nd Grade— Drama with Raven Theatre
  • 3rd Grade— World Dance with Dancing With Class
  • 4th Grade— Blues Music with Blues in the Schools
  • 5th Grade— Ballroom Dance with May I Have This Dance
  • 6th Grade— World Weavers Project with the Minasian Rug Company and Urban Gateways. White Pines Trip.
  • 7th Grade— African Dance with Urban Gateways
  • 8th Grade MEMA-Music - Arts-Integrated Social Studies Enrichment


Additional Support

  • Library Books
    Keeping our top of the lin library up to date with new books for the students to check out throughout the year.
  • Leveled Readers
    This program will need support every year.  We purchase books that can be targeted to each child’s reading level.
  • Stone's Musical
    Last year FOSA funded the middle school musical, Shrek Jr., providing a great theater opportunity for many middle school students and exposure to musical theater for the whole school.
  • Technology Support
    Contributing to our technology plan with new equipment and support
  • Sports teams
    Referees, transportation, uniforms
  • Music Support
  • Art Support
  • Library Support
  • After School Programs