Stone Academy is proud to offer an online payment option available through Illinois E-Pay.

This is an online electronic payment option available through the Stone Academy website which will give parents the opportunity to make certain school purchases online. This program is being offered through the Illinois State Treasurer's Office.

There are many advantages to this system, among those are that:

  • students will no longer need to bring money to school for routine purchases, such as milk or lunch.
  • some purchases can be made in block amounts online.
  • the amount of change or money students would normally bring to school is reduced, and this will in turn reduce the chances of money being lost or stolen.

Please Note* - For those who purchase the block set of lunches and/or milk, the lunches and/or milk will start on the MONDAY following the date of purchase.

NOTE* Any pack of lunches/milk purchased after 12pm on Thursday, and any time Friday, Saturday and Sunday MAY not be ready for Monday issue. (For example, if you make a purchase on Tuesday, September 2nd, the lunches that have been paid for will not start until the next Monday, September 8th.)

NOTE*Please try to buy lunches during the week to allow time for the tickets and order to be processed.