Stone Scholastic Academy teachers and staff expect all of our students to be safe, organized, accountable and respectful.

Bullying is a form of physical or psychological intimidation that will not be tolerated. It is a serious form of violence that can hurt a person in a permanent way and affect the rest of his/her life.

Bullying actions often create a pattern of harassment and abuse, and efforts to stop bullying must involve the entire school community. Chicago Public School Policy states clearly that bullying is not acceptable and will not be tolerated by anyone regardless of age, gender or race. Acts of bullying will not be ignored at Stone Academy, and we have implemented the Student Code of Conduct to confront bullying actions.

Children cannot “handle” acts of bullying on their own. They need the support of adults, with procedures and practices in place for responding to bullying behavior in a fair, age appropriate and consistent manner.

Students are encouraged to tell an adult if they see or experience bullying. The child being bullied will have input as to how he or she would like to address the situation including:

  • Speaking with the person doing the bullying, alone or in the presence of the adult mentoring team.
  • Working with the principal or assistant principal and parties involved
  • Working it out with their classroom teacher
  • Parental involvement

At minimum, the child exhibiting bullying behavior will identify a plan for how they will manage their actions in the future, as well as ways to atone the behavior in question.