Bus Riding Policies

The privilege of any student to ride a school bus every day or on a field trip is conditional upon his/her behavior and observance of the following rules and regulations. Bus rules are for the safety of all children.

  • As the school bus is an extension of the school program, the bus driver/teacher is in full charge of the bus and the students.
  • Students are to take the seats assigned to them by the driver. Students may NOT change seats and must wear seat belts properly.
  • Students are to show respect and courtesy at all times.
  • There is no eating, drinking or exchanging of food on the bus.
  • All items, including book bags are to be placed under the seat or on your lap. Aisles are not to be blocked with anything, including feet.
  • Students are to use a quiet normal voice when talking.
  • Windows are opened to the designated line with the driver’s permission; nothing should be placed into or out of the bus window.
  • Bus property is to be respected at all times. Parents will be liable for any damages.


In addition to the safety rules above, students arrive at the bus stop:

1. Five minutes before your pick-up time. The bus is not allowed to wait for students.
2. Stand on the curb or sidewalk, not in the street, while waiting for the bus.
3. Board the bus immediately moving in an orderly manner.
4. Remain on school property after the bus arrives at school.

Students are assigned to a bus. Students exit and enter only at their designated bus stop. Riding privileges may be revoked for violation of bus safety policy.

Misconduct Report(s)

  • 1st will result in parent/student conference with Mr. Brandon.
  • 2nd may result in loss of transportation privilege for 1 - 5 days.
  • 3rd will result in parent/student conference and may result in the permanent loss of transportation privilege (No reimbursement for car fare).